ABOUT: Who am I?

DO DIVISION: About the evening that inspired me to start this blog.

ONE STRANGE BIRD: A story of the unique store and its creator

WHY DIVISION? My reasons to put the energy into this dynamic street

VIA CARDUCCI: One of my most favorite restaurants ever

THE YELLOW PAGE HANDYMAN: Things you didn’t know about Division

JOE’S WINE CELLAR: Neighborhood wine guy and great wines and counsel

TRUE LOVE:  Actions speak louder than definition

PODHALANKA: Down home taste of Krakow cuisine

WICKER PARK WEIRDO: There are times you run into some really interesting people during a simple walk – some of them weird but harmless.

LETIZIA’S NATURAL BAKERY: Down home neighborhood mother and son café.

MARIA OF DIVISION STREET: Having just turned 96, there is one and only Maria.

PAPA’S CACHE SABROSO: The story of the best rotisserie chicken in the city.

THE MAN CALLED PARIS: Surveilling the street with a smile on his face and keeping kids from getting into trouble before and after school.

SHIVA INCARNATE ON DIVISION: It’s one thing to watch the snake charmers in downtown Mumbai, and quite another to see one right off Division Street in Humboldt Park.                                                                                      

GANGSTERS’ CODE OF ETHICS: Gladys Lopez, lifelong Division Street dweller shares with me what it was like growing up around here in the rough and tumble days.

NELSON ALGREN: The man who put Division Street on map of the world and not his close friend and fan the writer Studs Terkel in his book titled America Division Street. Algren and his characters lived and breathed Division Street.                  

AN IMPROBABLE LOVE STORY: No two people can be more different than the “Frenchie”, the sophisticated feminist, the writer and the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir and the toughie Nelson Algren. However improbable, seventy years later their trans-Atlantic intense love affair still remains one of the most fascinating tales in the world of international literature.                                                       

LOVE HURTS: It is said that after you reach a certain age and don’t feel some aches and pains here and there, how would know if you’re still alive? And what could be better than even with those aches and pains, you can walk to the neighborhood Athletico Physical Therapy greeted and treated by the professional friendly faces?